Pocket Hugs

“Here’s a little something to show you that I care.

It’s just a little pocket hug for when I can’t be there.

Keep me in your pocket and take me everywhere.

And every time you want a hug know that I am here.”

Give a Hug and make a smile ❤

My Pocket Hugs are unique alternatives to standard greeting cards. Most greeting cards are enjoyed once and then end up in the "round file". My Pocket Hugs are different.

I handcraft my Hugs to be sturdy mini glass works of art that you give as a gift. They are presented on an elegant card with a sentimental phrase. The hug is then easily removed from the card and becomes an instant keepsake.

It can be carried in a pocket, purse or even put in the trinket bowl on the night stand. Some people choose to use it as a worry stone or pocket fidget.

Hugs are very tactile! Glossy, smooth and a true pleasure to play with! And, the best part, every time they see the Hug they think of you and smile.

Each Hug is a one-of-a-kind work of art and created by me at 1480° F in the foothills of Tustin, California. I create Hugs in all colors and styles but they each have an overall vibe or feeling of being Tranquil, Cheerful, or Nuturing.

Mix and Match - $12.50 each or Unlimited Buy 2 Get 3

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